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CINOP designs and implements solutions for complex issues in education and the labour market. Solutions with impact. We have a passion for learning: we improve learning processes so everyone can develop, now and in the future. We do this together with our partners in education, government and business. Contact us if you have a question about flexible learning, professionalisation or labour market & education: lifelong learning and development.

Enhancement of flexibility

Cinop flexibel onderwijs

From vision to implementation

Job market learning

Meer informatie over Arbeidsmarkt & Onderwijs en wat CINOP voor uw organisatie kan betekenen op het onderwerp Leven Lang Ontwikkelen (LLO)

Fostering a culture of learning


Cinop professionalisering

Integrated approach

Moving towards competency based training? Get everyone on board and keep all hands on deck!

How to deal with increasing levels of diversity in a resource constrained environment? A Kenyan answer.

Comparability of TVET trainers’ and assessors’ qualifications of Bangladesh with EU countries

Learning for sustainable impact

What happens when colleges take matters in their own hands?