Accessible education for all

The handicap + studie centre of expertise is part of CINOP. In collaboration with stakeholders, it develops innovative, practical solutions for more inclusive education—education that is open to as many different students as possible and reduces the need for specific adjustments. The ultimate aim is to enable young people with a disability to study successfully on a course of their choice.

The handicap + studie centre of expertise provides support to education institutions in order to help make education accessible to students with a disability. By not focusing on the individual student but rather on optimum conditions within the education system, handicap + studie strives towards solutions that eliminate impediments not only to individual students but also to larger groups of students.

Amassing, enriching and disseminating knowledge

Handicap + studie is tasked with amassing and enriching knowledge as well as communicating with various professionals in education. We provides bespoke advice and helps ensure positive future prospects for students with a disability by means of legislative, educational, political and social changes. In addition, we make the most of new scientific insights that affect studying with a disability and Dutch education in general.