Lifelong development

Lifelong development is crucial to staying fit in the constantly changing labour market. For everyone. Also for adults.

Training for the future

CINOP is a strategic partner in complex issues concerning sustainable employability and training for the future. Think of sectors getting smaller and bigger, inter-sectoral mobility, sector certification, participation and connection to the labour market.

Learning adults

Together with our partners, we provide solutions that are attractive for adult learners. We have extensive knowledge of the market, we work from a broad scope and offer solutions with an innovative approach. Solutions at the interface of education and the labour market. Regional, national and international.


For whom do we do this?

  • We advise and support employers’ and employees’ organisations, training funds, intermediary organisations and sector organisations in the area of lifelong development.
  • We help employers and employees to take control of career development. By offering tailor-made solutions and letting go of calibrated patterns. The core of this is the promotion of the learning culture in organisations.
  • We help ministries, educational institutions, municipalities and chain partners (SBB, UWV, Leerwerkloketten and the SW companies) to promote participation and improve the connection to the labour market.

CINOP is an excellent partner to work with. They ensure that in a short period of time the training programme is right in terms of content and they create the correct formats and an electronic learning environment.

Yvonne de Ruijter, director foundation Ambacht Nederland

Transition: from job security to employment security

Together with our partners, we are committed to the shift from job security to employment security. For example through:

  • (inter)sectoral training and mobility
  • Promote inflow, through-flow and outflow
  • career guidance, customised and flexible training
  • targeted research, data analysis and advice on specific issues.
  • We make a clear analysis, together determine the right solution and help with the implementation.

Participation and connection to the labour market – for all

We are also committed to using the talent of young people and adults for whom (vocational) training is not immediately feasible. For example, through illiteracy, a physical disability, a mental disorder or learning, behavioural or social problems. Our goal is to promote participation and to improve the connection with the labour market. CINOP works on training solutions, in partnerships with government and sector organisations. Together we set up tailor-made programmes, give shape to practical learning within companies, or set up targeted programmes for career orientation and guidance.

Basic skills

We are specialists in the field of basic skills. With our broad knowledge of the approach to illiteracy, we have guided many municipalities and educational institutions. This gives us insight into effective interventions to reduce illiteracy.