CINOP Global starts large integral EU project for vocational training sector Morocco

Cinop global morocco
Cinop global morocco

23 May 2018

Together with two strategic French partners, Egis International/Forhom (consortium-lead) and Institutions et Développement, CINOP Global will support the reform of the vocational training sector in Morocco through capacity building actions, conducting studies, organizing communication activities, strengthening planning and governance sector.

The project called ‘Assistance technique pour un programme d’appui sectoriel à la réforme du secteur de la formation professionnelle: développement du capital humain au Maroc’ will take place from 2018-2021. Four full time experts will be offering technical assistance on site in Morocco.

It is funded by the European Committee to support the strengthening of vocational education in neighbouring countries of the European Union. By financing large and complex projects for technical assistance to government authorities, education institutes and social partners, the European Committee aims to increase the connection of the education system to the labor market to enable employment opportunities and economic growth.

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