CINOP has been awarded with an OKP-tender of Nuffic: Sustainable solutions in the maritime and port sector in Bangladesh


26 August 2019

In cooperation with STC international and IHE Delft, CINOP will carry out a three-year project in Bangladesh with the aim of contributing to a sustainable maritime and port sector. This project is financed by Nuffic within the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP).The aim is to strengthen the capacity of the BSMR Maritime University and the Chittagong Port Authority. In this way, the institutes will create a high-quality skilled workforce that is of great added value to the economic development of the Bangladesh.

In addition to strengthening the capacities of the educational institutions – from individual competencies of teachers to organizational opportunities for innovation – CINOP is strongly committed to the power of collaboration. The formation of strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships between educational institutions, the government and the business community form the basis of this project.

The Netherlands and Bangladesh are the two largest Delta countries in the world. This project contributes to the important relationship between these countries on a subject they are both familiar with: the sea and shipping.

Projectpartners: sustainable solutions in the maritime and port sector in Bangladesh

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